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Don’t close bars because of a few complaints – Trevor Ombija

Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija’s take on the looming closure of 43 bars and entertainment joints in Nairobi over noise pollution has caused mixed reactions among Kenyans.

On Tuesday, the Nairobi County Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri held a meeting with the 43 bar owners earmarked for closure at Ngong Hills Hotel, where they aired their grievances and a number of issues to the county leadership of Governor Johnson Sakaja.

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Trevor Ombija
Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija PHOTO | COURTESY

While giving his opinion, Mr Ombija asked the administration to be keen on complaints raised, saying that the club should not be closed over a few complaints from the residents.

According to him, at least the opinion from half of the residents should be taken keen on, and not just a few letters.

“When there is a complaint against a bar owner or a restaurant, let us have more than half of the people complaining. If the apartments are twenty, fifteen of them should show us their list, signed, and tell us this is the problem,” he said.

Trevor said that he offered a soundproof system to one of the residents who was complaining of noise, but they refused and opt for other means to reduce the noise.

“This particular neighbour of mine, I even offered to soundproof her house, identified her room, but she said no, the entire house. I told her for me to do this soundproofing, I need to get a permit from the county government…now what she does, she has put stones on the road.”

The journalist is alleged to be the owner of a club as well and had to express his opinion on the matter.

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While reacting to Trevor’s take, former Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi criticized his opinion, saying that noise pollution should be contained.

“Trevor Ombija, if you are the noisemaker, you shut your mouth. You don’t offer to seal our ears. Noise pollution must be contained,” lawyer Havi said.


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According to the Director of Liquor Licensing Hesbon M Angwena, complaints were raised by the residents and members of the general public regarding the noise from 43 clubs.

“The complaints have also been received by the County Environment Compliance and Enforcement officers and despite arrests and arraignment in court, the proprietors have refused to comply and continue to contravene the stipulated licensing condition,” Mr Angwena said in a statement.

The next move is expected to be issued by the county leadership after yesterday’s meeting.

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