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Dos and don’ts of purchasing a car in Kenya

By Winnie Mabel December 3rd, 2022 2 min read

In this day and age, a vehicle is no longer a want but a need for many professionals and self-employed business people. It is, therefore, the aspiration of many to own a set of wheels.

For some, this may be two wheels (motorcycles) or four-wheel vehicles. And so, what are the dos and don’ts when purchasing a set of wheels in Kenya?

Jeff Koinange with the G wagon on sale. PHOTO/ Instagram
Jeff Koinange with the G wagon on sale. PHOTO/ Instagram

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Check them out below:

  1. Do research the car lot or company from where you intend to purchase your wheels. Some companies are infamous for manipulating buyers with fake log books, over-inflated prices and conning them on who the actual owners of some vehicles are.
  2. Do take your time inspecting a vehicle you are interested in. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed by the seller who may be having hidden intentions in rushing you through. Do a test drive of the vehicle and make sure it runs smoothly without any problems.
  3. Do go for an imported car with a mileage of not more than 80,000 kilometres if it is a small car, a private vehicle such as Nissan Note.
  4. Do not meet sellers in private locations alone. Agree to meet in a public place and go with a friend if possible.
  5. Do not carry cash to purchase a vehicle. Transact via banks and if possible, use an escrow account where money is held in a third-party account and released to the seller once the buyer agrees to go through with the purchase.
  6. Do make sure the registration number of the vehicle’s chassis matches the ones in the relevant log book and on the car’s seatbelts. The colour of the vehicle should also match what is stated in the logbook.
  7. Do not deal with a seller who intentionally delays or frustrates you in transferring the vehicle’s logbook to your name during the purchasing period.
  8. Do not buy a vehicle that has been repainted because the seller may be hiding dents and accident repairs.
  9. Do hire a mechanic to inspect the engine for leakages, braking systems and any hidden dents on the vehicle.
  10. Do not pay anyone for a vehicle before confirming the ownership of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle and being satisfied that it is roadworthy. Do not be manipulated into buying a salvaged car under false pretences that it is a new/second-hand vehicle.

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