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Duo charged with stealing construction materials – VIDEO

Two businessmen have admitted to stealing construction materials but told the Kibera Law court the reported Sh1.5 million value of the goods was exaggareted.

Pinoriya Naran Shiuji and Rabadiya Shanjay are said to have committed the crime on September 28 at the Santiago Holding construction site located off Raftah road in Kileleshwa.

The duo disputed the details of the charges and said they only stole six pieces of metal bars.

But a security officer at the company said that Shanjay’s car was captured on CCTV leaving the site, full of construction materials in two different incidents.

The security official who had procured enough materials for the construction at the site realized that there was a shortage.

Some of the materials were missing from the site.

He inquired from Shionji who was the site manager and no one could account for the lost items.

The official decided to have the case investigated and that was when the CCTV footage was reviewed.

From the footage, it was seen that the materials were moved out of the site on August 18 after a vehicle drove into the site while carrying nothing and while it was leaving the premise, it had been loaded and covered with canvas.

The official realized that the materials stolen were worth Sh1.5 Million.

During investigations, it was established that the vehicle captured leaving the site with materials belonged to a company owned by Shanjay.

Principal magistrate Sharon Maroro entered a plea of not guilty for Shanjay and Shionji after disagreeing with the charges and released them on a bond of 1 Million each.

The case will be mentioned on October 19.