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Echesa gets free advice on what he should tell his children about his sacking

Kenyans on Twitter, known for their penchant of giving their unsolicited opinions, have put their brains at work and compiled a list of explanations former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa can give to his children on why he was recently sacked.

An unhappy Echesa at the weekend lamented how his abrupt dismissal from his job by President Uhuru Kenyatta has affected his social life.

Mr Echesa also claimed that several of his political friends have now abandoned him.

He also said he has been at loss to explain to his children why he was fired.

“I have a family, I have a following of people and friends asking questions which I can’t answer. People are asking what I did to Uhuru. Even my own children are asking me why I was fired,” Echesa said during the burial of former acting managing Director of Nzoia Sugar Micheal Kulundu.

Echesa was sacked by President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 1 and replaced by Amina Mohammed.

Kenyans on Twitter were quick to offer some free advice to Echesa:

“So? Ours were asking how you ever became a CS? Pambana na hali yako buda!” Abdiwahid Ibrahim said.

“Tell them to google,” Donn pete suggested.

“My children are asking me why I don’t have a job, yet I am a graduate,” Moussah wrote.

“Being sacked is part of life, stop ma’catch feelings. Dust off yourself na usonge mbele Echesa,” Rose commented.

“Tell them the truth,” Bedan chayh said.

“@CSRashidEchesa umesema…. Watoi hawaelewi.. You know how many time we have been fired, we have fired, we don’t call clans to explain to them why we are doing it. Do Soul searching you will definitely find the answer,” Ziloopi tweeted.

“Tell them your services were no longer needed and you had reached your limit. Period,” Clarkson Okatch said.