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Edgar Obare shares update on suspended IG account

Controversial blogger Edgar Obare has successfully regained access to his Instagram account, BNN Africa, following its suspension.

This marked the fourth consecutive loss of a major social media platform for the prominent online personality.

Through his Telegram page, Obare revealed that his account was reported by an individual who allegedly created a fake account using his name.

This fake account purportedly posted content related to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) concerning Obare’s previous arrest.

Additionally, the fraudulent account generated a deepfake video featuring Obare’s likeness, wherein he appeared to apologize for his actions and admit to profiting from falsehoods.

“This is a confession video to everyone that I have hurt. I make money from lies.”

Addressing the situation, Obare asserted that the false reports filed by his detractors ultimately led to the suspension of his account due to violations of community guidelines.

In a statement regarding the suspension, Edgar expressed his belief that detractors are deliberately reporting his accounts, stating:

“Instagram has suspended our fourth account for violating community guidelines. #bnnbasic. I know it’s my enemies falsely reporting my accounts, we will regroup and be back”.

He confirmed the creation of a backup account as he works to restore his main platform.

This is not the first time Edgar Obare has suffered such setbacks.

In 2022, the blogger gained attention for his ‘Wash Wash’ expose, which linked several businessmen and women to alleged money laundering. Following the revelation, his main Instagram account was deactivated.

“My main account has been deactivated and I am working on getting it back. In the meantime, we have already prepared for these results and I can also post here,” Edgar shared on social media after the initial suspension.

He then moved his operations to Telegram after a second suspension by Instagram.

This latest move by Instagram to suspend Obare’s account underlines the platform’s growing emphasis on enforcing community guidelines.

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has come under scrutiny before, most notably in September 2021 when US senators questioned the impact of its apps, including Instagram, on young users.

The company was accused of prioritising profits over the well-being of children, particularly teenage girls, based on reports suggesting a potentially ‘addictive’ effect.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal criticised Meta during a hearing, saying:

“We now know that Facebook routinely puts profits ahead of children’s online safety. We know that it puts the growth of its products ahead of the well-being of our children… And we now know that it is inexcusably negligent in protecting them.”

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