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Eight tips to grab her attention and keep it this weekend

You might argue that this town is full of beautiful women. While this is true, to get one who is not only beautiful but also smart and good wife material, a man needs to stand out from the pack.

This isn’t just something that naturally happens. Standing out from the pack is an art that you will need to learn. Here are eight tips;

1. Be funny – Some things in the dating scene never change. Like the fact that a man who can make a woman laugh can make her do anything. Try being witty and funny without being crude.

2. Emotional depth – That notion that women want a man who is always macho is false. Sometimes, a woman wants her man to be in touch with his emotional side. Letting the down guard on your emotions might just win you her heart.

3. Attention – Women love attention – that is not news. This is one very effective way of both grabbing her attention and keeping it. Learn to really listen when she speaks. Look at her as if she is the only person in the room.

4. Good old manners – Being a gentleman never goes out of fashion. The trick here is being respectful and gentlemanly not only to her but to all women that you come into contact with in her presence. If you are only a gentleman to her, she will know that you are pretending.

5. Your gait – Yes, just like women, a man’s poise or gait could determine whether or not he spends the rest of his days single and lonely. You can start by not slumping your shoulders and adopting a comfortable body language.

6. Real conversation – Small talk gets boring. Also, not every woman wants to spend their days talking about football or politics. There are however countless other intelligent topics that a man and a woman can talk about.

7. Don’t be dominated by other men – If you are the kind of man that hangs around other men who dominate all conversations and make all the decisions, you may not be the man that the Nairobi woman is looking for.

8. Tease her – Once you have gotten her attention, you can keep it by teasing her every so often. Be playful with her sometimes. No woman wants a man who takes life too seriously.