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Elsa Majimbo on her philanthropy and educating 10-year-old Kenyan girl

Content creator and comedian Elsa Majimbo, widely known for her humorous videos and sharp wit, recently shared a deeply personal side of her life in a TikTok video.

In a heartfelt narration, Elsa opened up about her commitment to supporting education for underprivileged children, countering the image some have painted of her as indifferent to humanitarian needs.

Elsa recounted an incident during a holiday last year when the maid of the villa in Diani approached her with a plea for assistance in sending her child to school.

Moved by the encounter, Elsa not only inquired about the child’s details and school fees but also made a heartfelt promise. “I will pay for your child’s school fees until she finishes school, and that is my promise to you,” Elsa declared.

Addressing the misperception that surrounds her public persona, Elsa expressed frustration with being labelled a “monster.”

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She lamented, “Now the reason why I’m saying the story is because some of you, I don’t know why you do this, but you portray me like I’m this monster who doesn’t care about humanitarian needs and humanitarian rights. I do so much for people.”

Elsa continued, affirming her dedication to assisting those in need. “I am a woman of the people. Every single day when I go home, and it’s at night, if I see someone on the street, I will always make it a point to make sure they have eaten.”

Amid her philanthropic efforts, Elsa highlighted her ongoing commitment to supporting the education of around 50 girls in Africa, particularly in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, striving to provide them with better lives through education.

The content creator acknowledged the challenges she faced, including dealing with racism and colourism in her life.

She also revealed that she allocates a significant portion of her income to support her brother’s education, aiming to ensure that he receives a quality education.

Elsa also shared an instance when she generously offered her earnings to her parents after a successful gig. “This is my offering, and I’m giving this to you,” she told them, demonstrating her belief in the importance of giving back.

Dispelling notions of materialism, Elsa addressed an opportunity to collaborate with a renowned designer brand that would have brought her substantial financial gain.

However, she opted not to associate with the brand due to its alleged mistreatment of people in society. “I have never put money over people,” she declared.