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Embarambamba blasts Jalang’o over content creation tax remarks

Kenya gospel musician Christopher Mosioma, aka Embarambamba, known for his risky, and at times crazy dance moves has lashed out at Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwour aka Jalang’o over his recent remarks concerning taxation of content creators.

Embarambamba’s sentiments came a few days after Jalang’o posted a video on his YouTube, saying he has no defence for the content creators as they bid not to be taxed as they are well known for their flashy lifestyles.

“You people brought this to yourself and I’m not lying to you, the government will not relent. What we need to do is come together and ask ourselves how much we are willing to pay or how do we tell them that maybe sometimes we are just flossing,” Jalang’o said in the video.

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Jalang’o specifically fingered Eric Omondi, Eve Mungai and Steve Mboya for earning millions from content creation and yet they were reportedly hesitant to pay tax.

However, Embarambamba says that not all content creators earn a huge amount of money from their contents.

“I saw Eric Omondi and Jalang’o commenting on content creation taxation. However, one should not just speak or air their views to please the president. Don’t just talk because your content is being consumed online and you earn a living from that. Some of us don’t get money from creating content,” Embarambamba said.

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Embarambamba who has also been accused of using vulgar language in some of his songs noted that he was neglected by the former government despite his tears while rolling on mad.

“Remember that 10 years ago, I cried for help from the President and his Deputy but I was not given an ear. So let’s just support wasanii and content creators,” he added.

The debate comes a few weeks after President William Ruto, while speaking during a National Drama Festival concert at State House Nairobi, heaped praises on content creators Timothy Kimani aka Njugush, and Edwin Butita for leveraging YouTube to make money.

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