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Even a thief is forgiven… Samidoh’s heartfelt apology to wife Edday

Mugiithi sensation Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, has released a new song titled “Wendo Witu” (Our Love), in which he appears to extend a direct apology to his wife, Edday Nderitu.

In a collaboration with another singer namely Joyce Wa Mama, the musician, and father of five, pours his heart out in an earnest plea for his wife’s return.

Edday is reported to have walked out of her marriage with Samidoh. She has since relocated to the US with her three kids.

In this soul-stirring four-minute song, appears to acknowledge his role the broken marriage and regret his actions.

The heartfelt lyrics also echo his intent to change and make amends for his missteps.

“I am the cause of our separation, and it is sad that you left with all the future plans we had together. Our love comes from far and therefore it can withstand any challenge.”

He asks for his forgiveness for past grievances, echoing the sentiment that healing and reconciliation are paramount.

“Those mistakes that I did and you dumped me, I know I am the one who brought issues but when a thief apologizes, he is forgiven, my darling.”

Continuing his heartfelt plea, Samidoh reflects on the promises he once made to Edday’s parents.

He implores her to reconsider, reminding her of his commitment to be her protector and partner,

“You know very well I took you from your parents and promised them that I would forever take care of you. I am requesting you to come back so we can raise our children.”

Edday Nderitu’s departure from the relationship was fueled by Samidoh’s association with his dramatic partner, nominated senator Karen Nyamu.

Their widely publicized relationship woes have captured the attention of fans and observers alike.

Fans have been quick to voice their reactions to the song’s release:

@annemachina: “Wow! An African marriage dispute addressed and solved in a beautifully choreographed African theme song. The duo never disappoints.”

@ruthmwangi3807: “Dedication to someone special, wow, well organized, love it.”

@juliawothaya5593: “Dedication to one end only, Eddy Nderitu #NothingButPrayer.”