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EXCLUSIVE: Daddy Owen reveals how he was promised a car by ‘cult’ pastor

Gospel singer Daddy Owen is among celebrities who have spoken out about the ongoing issue of cults in the country.

This comes at a time when controversial Malindi pastor Paul Mackenzie has been trending for allegedly brainwashing his followers and congregants by instructing them to starve themselves to death in order to ‘meet Jesus’.

Authorities have recovered over 73 bodies by April 25, 2023 with President William Ruto describing the event as a massacre.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie is still in custody.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Daddy Owen candidly recalled when he almost joined a cult as he had been promised a car.

The musician the offer popped up when he was in the early stages of his music career.

He said a preacher in one of the churches in the city approached him to be worshiping from his church.

According to Owen, if you understand the Bible, you will know that such preachers are not legit.

Owen says it is not hard to recruit someone in a cult as people are usually at a point they are just looking for a new revelation.

People tend to listen to an attractive personality and admire their reputation.

“Someone is always sharper than their congregants. They also dress very smart than you expect.

Yaani there is always something very off that you can suspect. They are extremely clean as if they are over compensating on something. The other thing is that it isolates you and control everything about you. They even control your finances,” Owen said.

Owen said the man of God invited him to his ‘small church’ but he looked very loaded financially.

“The church had very small number of people. Things were limited like the congregants would leave their phones outside. No recordings would happen in that church.”

Owen said that after that encounter he started researching on the same to avoid ever falling into temptations.

“The preachers have excess money or they are too poor to an extend they embrace languishing in poverty. I attended the services like twice and I knew the doctrine was wrong from even the posture and even through the preaching.”

Owen reveals that at first, the deal sounded very legit and was tempting by all means.

“I was deep in the word and a pastor is telling me they will buy me a car, I almost fell for it,” he said.

He said the reason the pastor wanted him to be in the church was to market him with his brand.

Daddy Owen has condoled with the families that have been affected.

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