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EXCLUSIVE: DJ Mo talks discipline, investment among artists

Gospel Mixmaster DJ Mo has shared his perspective on the need for young individuals to invest in their potential while their stars are still shining brightly.

The prominent DJ, discussed these insights during the business launch event of Nyumbani electric and electronics in Kiambu road, Thindugua.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, DJ Mo emphasized the significance of financial prudence and forward-thinking.

“Kula Pesa yako na ujanja, invest, secure the future then the rest jibambe. Future is coming either way,” he advised.

DJ Mo also took the opportunity to engage with emerging entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of conducting thorough research to understand market demands and embracing digital platforms for wider reach.

“Some businesses fail because they supply commodities that are mass market. Make sure you are available on digital as well,” he said.

The Director of Nyumbani electric and electronics, present at the business launch, revealed their ambitious plans to expand their presence within Nairobi and beyond.

With the goal of establishing 20 outlets by the end of 2024, Nyumbani aims to offer quality products and services to a growing clientele.

Outside the realm of business, DJ Mo recently demonstrated his knack for thoughtful gestures by surprising his wife, Size 8, during her birthday celebration on the popular show “The Trend.”

Sharing his experience, DJ Mo recounted,

“I had planned something bigger – but being on Friday she has her church service, so I only surprised her with flowers in her service. Then, I organized with #Thetrends producer to come and surprise her because she had an interview that night. It worked well… she was so happy and that was all for me.”

Looking ahead, DJ Mo expressed his aspirations for the upcoming year, which include scaling new heights with his family, embarking on fresh investment opportunities, and nurturing stronger bonds.

Speaking about his brand’s enduring success, DJ Mo attributed it to his mastery of the craft and adaptability to new trends..

“Above all, it is God and embracing new ways of doing things and making sure I apply professionalism in all I do,” he concluded.

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