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Kalonzo, Karua lead Kenyans in commemoration of US Embassy attack

Kenyans on August 7, 2023, commemorated the 25th anniversary of the US Embassy terror attack in Nairobi.

The event held at the venue of the attack, was graced by the victims, friends and family, including opposition politicians Martha Karua and Kalonzo Musyoka.

But the government did not send a representative.

In the incident, terrorists allied to the Al qaeda network bombed the US embassies in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) and Tanzania’s capital Dar es Salaam, at the same time.

More than 220 people died in the simultaneous truck bomb explosions. Scores were injured.

Investigations identified Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah as the masterminds of the attack.

For a majority who lost their loved ones, the annual commemoration is not just a mark on the calendar, but a chance to gather and find solace in shared experiences.

At this event, Kalonzo, a former vice-president, shared his heartfelt tribute with the crowd, drawing on his personal experience as a minister during those turbulent times.

He encouraged those affected by the incident to shoulder on through prayer and determination.

Though marred by the government’s lack of participation, the event had the opposition figures, survivors, and citizens united to pay homage to the victims and to stand in solidarity with their families.

Kalonzo invoked memories of the past to inspire a spirit of collective responsibility.

“A day like this in 1998, I was a minister. We were called to a cabinet meeting and the whole country was under the grip of an incredible situation,” Musyoka recalled, his voice carrying the weight of history. He continued, “Kenyans braved the situation and carried each other’s burden. This is important to reflect on now in this particular time as Kenyans. Let us live as our brother’s keepers.”

The event changed the face of Kenya forever with security enhanced in most parts of the county including shopping malls and hospitals after the terrorists claimed they attacked Kenya as it was a ‘friend of the enemy’.

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