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Exclusive: How Njugush overcame frustrations before successful sold out show

On Saturday, 27 May, comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndianda, popularly known as Wakavinye, wowed audiences with their hugely successful ‘Through Thick and Thin’ show at KICC.

Towards the end of the event, Celestine Wakavinye captured everyone’s attention with her heartfelt speech.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Celestine Ndinda shed tears as she recounted the obstacles they faced in securing the venue for their show.

Her emotional story touched the hearts of the audience.

Behind the scenes, a source close to the couple shared exclusive details with Nairobi News, shedding light on Njugush and his wife’s challenges before the show could materialise.

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According to the source, the couple had originally planned for ‘Through Thick and Thin 4’ to take place in February.

However, the show had to be postponed due to unforeseen political events.

The source further revealed that on the day of the event, KICC hosted three simultaneous events.

Renowned international reggae artist Richie Spice, who has a huge fan base in Kenya, gave a riveting performance at the venue.

There was also another significant event taking place at the same time.

Before ‘Through Thick and Thin 4’, Njugush and his crew received a disheartening phone call informing them that no parking was available for their guests.

“Those attending Njugush’s event had to leave their vehicles at Vigilance House on Harambee Avenue as the parking was reserved for VIP guests attending Richie Spice’s event,” the source revealed.

The source further revealed that there were sceptics who doubted the comedian’s ability to attract such a huge crowd.

“The venue, with a capacity of about three thousand people, was a point of contention,” the source said.

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Despite these setbacks, Njugush and Celestine’s unwavering determination prevailed, resulting in a highly successful show that left a lasting impression on the audience.

Reflecting on the show, one of the organisers, Abel Mutua, expressed his excitement at the impressive turnout, which offered a glimpse of the industry’s immense potential.

In his commentary, he humorously acknowledged the resemblance to a political rally. Still, he stressed that the event was a testament to God’s grace, “uniting a boy from Ngûriû Nditû Primary and a girl from Makutano Boarding”.

He expressed his gratitude to all those who attended, highlighting the overwhelming demand that made the KICC venue seem small in comparison.

He even hinted at the possibility of a future event in Kasarani.

MC Jessy, YY Comedian, Eddie Butita, and Mulamwah were among many other celebrities who attended the event.

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