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Njugush: Why I call my wife ‘Wakavinye’

Kenyan comedian Timothy Kimani, better known by the stage name Njugush, recently unveiled the backstory behind his wife Celestine Ndinda’s nickname ‘Wakavinye’.

In an interview with Mwende Macharia, the comedy icon revealed the moniker emerged from Celestine’s ownership of a Vitz, a popular Toyota car model.

“Cele used to own a Vitz, so I would call it Kavinye. That’s how I ended up calling her Wakavinye,” Njugush explained, indicating the term denotes the owner of the ‘Kavinye’.

Njugush further credited his wife for his remarkable success, asserting that he wouldn’t stop collaborating with her despite some unsolicited advice to the contrary.

“She has my best interests at heart,” he stressed.

The comedian noted Celestine’s trust and support were fundamental in paving the way to their success. Responding to a question about working with their wives, Njugush said, “Cele was handling my ATM when we started. From there, we built a deep understanding, we became ‘mabeste’. She’s the only person who trusted me when no one else did. Those who are shouting now weren’t there back then. Now they tell me not to work with my wife!”

Emphasizing Celestine’s significant role, Njugush declared, “She was the first one who believed in me. She’s the mother of my children and the reason for my success.”

Njugush and Celestine, parents of two, have navigated their careers and personal life as a team, carving a unique niche in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Now, they are gearing up for the much-anticipated fourth season of their show ‘Through Thick and Thin (TNT)’, set to be held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre on 27th May.

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