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Exclusive: I tried ‘running’ away from our third pregnancy, Nameless says

Kenyan singer David Mathenge alias Nameless and his wife, fellow-singer Wahu Kagwi are expecting their third child. Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News on September 28, Nameless revealed that their third baby is due in three weeks.

“The baby is due in three weeks and the pressure has been loading for a while. I tried running away by going on tour but I had to come back. She said I must come back. At the same time, my online in-laws were becoming upset that I was delaying abroad and the baby and mum wanted me to add some things like the ears and so forth,” Nameless said amid hearty laughter.

Nameless had been away on tour in the United States of America, saying he had gone to look for money to buy diapers. He did shows in Kansas, Atlanta, Seattle and Pittsburgh as part of his ‘Nameless US Summer Tour’ in July 2022 and stayed there for a while.

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When pushed to intimate the baby’s gender, Nameless was adamant that he would not reveal the baby’s sex, not even to their two daughters.

“Wahu and I already know the gender. The kids don’t know either but you will all know soon. They tell us their preference but we just laugh. We are yet to get a name but we throw suggestions around to see what may stick,” added Nameless.

He revealed that this pregnancy was different for them because they are older and wiser; and are not as anxious as they were with the first two.

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“I look at the positive side of things. This pregnancy will force me to be younger for longer because when the baby comes, my habits have to change. I have to live healthy for longer. We’re more conscious as parents and know what our relationships with our children should be,” Nameless said.

Nameless and Wahu are 46 and 42-years-old respectively. They have a 16-year-old daughter, Tumiso, and Nyakio who is 9-years-old.

During a past live video on social media, Wahu revealed she had gained 18 kilograms already and she was happy about the pregnancy. She also laughed off her nose which she claimed had become fat as well in order to , “breathe for two.”She also said she would welcome any gender God gave them.

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