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Exclusive: Inside Size 8 and DJ Mo’s 12th Valentine’s Day plans

Gospel singer Linet Munyali, known by her stage name Size 8 has opened up about her Valentine’s Day plans and reflections on love in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

The mother of two, who has been married to her husband for twelve years, reminisced about their journey of love and shared her thoughts on celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Reflecting on past Valentine’s Day celebrations, Size 8 fondly recalled the memorable gifts exchanged between her and her husband.

“We have done 12 Valentines together. The first one was the best. I still hold the gift he got me on that day. It was a teddy bear, and he gave it to me two months after we started dating,” she said.

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Despite the long tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day, Size 8 emphasised the importance of expressing love every day, not just on February 14.

“It is good to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I encourage couples to love each other every day. Don’t show love on one day since that cannot sustain the whole year,” she advised, stressing the importance of consistent affection and appreciation throughout the year.

Regarding her own Valentine’s Day plans, Size 8 revealed that she had recently celebrated her husband’s birthday, and thus, he should take the lead in planning their Valentine’s Day activities.

“I treated him on his birthday just recently. It is his time to pull up his socks. I changed his full wardrobe on his birthday and took him for a holiday,” she told Nairobi News.

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When asked about her birthday wishes, Size 8 expressed a desire for simple yet meaningful moments with her husband.

“All I want for my birthday is to be with my husband. We just go somewhere and just talk and just relax,” she shared.

Addressing single individuals, Size 8 extended words of encouragement, urging them to embrace self-love and remember the unconditional love of God.

“God’s love is the best for all of us. We should ensure we remember that all the time. Do not feel bad that nobody gave you a gift or took you somewhere,” she affirmed.