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Exclusive: Machachari actor Govi reflects on fame, addresses Baha’s predicament

Kenyan actor Malik Lemmy, popularly known by the stage name Govi from his role in the once popular TV show Machachari, was among the star guests who graced the much-awaited premiere of Showmax drama series, Faithless.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Govi weighed in on the predicament of fellow Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, after he was exposed for defrauding a US-based Kenyan nurse.

Govi acknowledged that such situations can happen to anyone, but unfortunately, when it occurs to a celebrity, the issue is magnified and scrutinized.

“Fame has given people the ability to weave numerous stories about us. Many individuals rely on fame, but on the flip side, there are immense expectations from our followers. It’s a normal situation that can happen to anyone,” Govi said, explaining that he has grown immune to the negativity that comes with fame.

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The actor shared a personal experience when he became a trending topic on Twitter after he dressed as a woman for a photoshoot.

“Ignorant people labeled me as gay, but those who understood me reached out with messages of encouragement,” he recalled.

Govi has come to understand that when one is in the limelight, there will be people who love them, some who are jealous, and others who harbor unwarranted hate.

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However, he said as long as it does not affect him personally, he has nothing to worry about, particularly with the unwavering support of his family.

“I no longer let trolls get to me, and naturally, the hate dissipates after a week or two. I face the situation head-on,” he said.

Baha recently announced that he is taking a break from social media to focus on therapy and personal growth. He has openly admitted to struggling with a gambling problem.

He bravely shared his experiences, expressed his shame and emphasised his commitment to seeking help to overcome this habit.

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