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EXCLUSIVE: MCA Tricky’s take on Finance Act

Comedian MCA Tricky is among Kenyans who are not in agreement with the drastic measure by the Kenyan government to sign the Finance Bill into law, and he shares what his thoughts on the matter are.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the comedian said the finance bill, which was recently signed into law by the President William Ruto is just a means of weighing down Kenyans who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Without hesitation, the funnyman said the entire agenda is nothing short of a mockery of Kenyans.

“The finance bill is a mockery to Kenyans. The government should not have introduced such drastic measures of tax increment at such a time when the country is already struggling. These are things they should have introduced after the economy has gotten better, but right now wananchi are suffering,” said Tricky.

The renowned Churchill Show comedian has only just returned from his world comedy tour, having made his first solo UK comedy show debut, with performances of five shows in different cities in a span of two weeks.

He revealed that the main reason he set out to the UK, aside from seeking greener pastures and promoting his comedy career was that he was selected to assist in attracting an African audience to an initiative by a charity organization based in the UK, but with a world-inclusive agenda.

“I actually went to the UK for a charity gig where I was helping attract the African audience to the initiative that the organization that invited me is working towards building. I was chosen because they are targeting the African audience,” he revealed to Nairobi News.

Speaking on matters to do with Kenyans in the diaspora being supportive of their Kenyan comedians, the funnyman, who dabbles as a Mechanical Engineer said that the love and support he received from the Kenyans in the UK was unmatched compared to the support in Kenya.

“The reception I received in the UK was amazing. Kenyans in the diaspora are very supportive and loving to they Kenyan comedians when they go abroad. When they are there, they miss home quite a lot so when they see a Kenyan comedian go there to perform they buy the tickets even though it’s only one person performing,” Tricky disclosed.

Among others, the Finance Act will seek a 1.5% tax on all salaried Kenyans, with the proceeds directing tpowards construction of affordable housing.

The Act also calls for an increase of Value Added Tax on petroleum products from 8% to 16%

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