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Exclusive: Roseline Damian’s last moments before she passed on

The family of the late renowned singer Roseline Damian, has shared details of the singer’s final moments with them before she tragically succumbed to her battle against breast cancer.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Pastor Daudi, a close family member, revealed that Roseline had shown signs of improvement in her health before her untimely demise.

Despite bravely fighting stage four breast cancer, which had led to other medical issues, Roseline managed to maintain a remarkable clarity of mind during her last days.

“Breast cancer was the main ailment she was battling with, but because it was in stage four, it brought some brain effects. However, by the time of her death, her memory was now very clear,” Pastor Daudi said.

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Surrounded by her loved ones, Roseline demonstrated her unwavering spirit and love even in the face of her own health struggles.

On the Saturday, before her passing, she made an early morning call to Pastor Daudi’s wife to wish her a happy birthday and even sang a song for her, leaving a lasting memory of her enduring affection.

The gifted artiste, known for her soul-stirring Luo and Swahili hits, including Ruoth in’gama nade, Simba Muomo, Wuon Osimbo, Nipende Yesu, and Tukuza Bwana, passed away at the tender age of 39.

Her contribution to the gospel music industry had touched the hearts of many, and her legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

Throughout her battle with cancer, Roseline’s struggle was not unknown to the gospel fraternity.

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In June, a compassionate fundraiser group rallied together to raise funds for her medical expenses. The gospel community came together to support their fellow artiste in her time of need.

A message shared on a fundraising WhatsApp group called on people to stand with Roseline during her trying times.

The post read: “Praise God, great women and men of God. We are taking this opportunity to thank everyone for accepting to be here to stand with our dear sister, Roseline Damian, who is in the hospital right now. It’s been confirmed that she is suffering from breast cancer, brain tumor, and leukemia… we all know Roseline, and she has been a blessing to most of us. Now, it’s our turn to show her our love by supporting her financially and spiritually… Money and blood are needed, so we still need more donors to donate blood… The amount needed for now is 700k. Let’s stand with our own, sacrifice any amount for this noble cause.”

Roseline’s deep faith in God was evident until her last moments.

Before her death, she made sure to reach out to her close friends, sharing the word of God and cherishing their presence during her difficult journey.

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