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EXCLUSIVE: Size 8 explains why her late mother almost aborted her

Linet Munyali, gospel singer and pastor alias Size 8, recently shared a deeply personal narrative of resilience, recounting the adversity she confronted even before her birth.

The renowned artist marked her 36th birthday on August 4 by shedding light on her remarkable journey.

During an intimate reflection on her life, the mother of two divulged the chilling revelation that she had almost been denied the chance to live.

Size 8 disclosed the pivotal exchange she shared with her mother, who confessed to almost aborting her.

“From my mother’s womb, the devil wanted to kill me; my mother almost aborted me, but the Doc told her if she does it, she might die; that’s how I survived,” Size 8 revealed.

Eager to uncover more, Nairobi News extended an inquiry to Size 8, who revealed that her mum gave her the information when she was sick and in the hospital.

“I was paying her hospital bill. She looked me directly in the eyes and shook her head. She looked back and couldn’t imagine that the same baby that she wanted to terminate from her womb was the same one who was paying her hospital bills,” Size 8 shared.

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In her quest for a deeper understanding, the artist disclosed that her mother’s initial reluctance was rooted in her desire to avoid welcoming a sixth child into the world.

“She had reasons that she did not want a sixth baby. My dad did not know about that, and I am the one who told him. He has never spoken about that story again. That story taught me how God is our ultimate protector. Even when you are so vulnerable, God protects you in so many ways,” she said.

Highlighting the spiritual evolution of her relationship with her mother, Size 8 revealed that despite the tumultuous beginning, her mother later played an instrumental role in guiding her spiritual path.

“She is the same woman who later prayed for me to get saved. My mum was not in any way a bad mum, maybe the stress of life led her to that thought of wanting to abort me, but she is still the mum who, later in life, prayed and fasted for me for 40 days in Katoloni to lead me back to Jesus Christ when I had backslidden,” Size 8 said.

Her life has been a challenging journey and she says as a mother, Size 8 vows to instill in her children a deep appreciation for life.

“My kids will have to understand the value of life. They have to know how life is and that God can take it away. Both of them are miracles, and they will come to understand that when that time comes.”

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