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Musicians who featured their ex-lovers as video vixens

In the world of music, art often imitates life.

Nowhere is this truer than in the love stories of musicians who have chosen to feature their real-life partners as video vixens in their music videos. These collaborations often showcase the height of passion, the depths of devotion, and the thrill of romance. However, for some couples, the bright lights of the stage have cast a shadow on their relationships, ultimately leading to their separation.

Music videos have long been a potent medium for artists to express their creativity and share their stories with the world. However, some musicians take it a step further by sharing the spotlight with their real-life partners, bringing a new level of authenticity to their on-screen narratives.

Here are some East African musicians who chose to feature their significant others as video vixens, weaving together their personal and artistic journeys.

Otile Brown

In the song “Baby Love,” Kenyan artist Otile Brown, born Jacob Obunga, featured the well-known socialite Vera Sidika as his love interest in the music video. At the time, the two were romantically involved, and their relationship was the subject of public fascination and scrutiny.

The song, with its vibrant and passionate lyrics, extolled the virtues of his lover’s physical beauty while declaring that he had found a life partner in her. Otile also took the opportunity to address the critics and skeptics who questioned their relationship, urging his lover to pay no heed to them. With heartfelt lyrics and fervent devotion, he affirmed his commitment to stand by and protect his beloved, whom he cherishes as the apple of his eye.


In the song Nitaubeba, the Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist expresses his profound gratitude for finding a partner who supports and loves him unconditionally.

Featuring his former lover, socialite Frida Kajala, in the music video, the artist delves into the depths of his emotions, revealing how he is head over heels in love, having discovered a relationship that has taught him the true meaning of love. The lyrics reflect the artist’s sincere appreciation for a love that is genuine, unpretentious, and uplifting, celebrating the transformative power of a heartfelt connection.

Diamond Platnumz

In the hit song “Iyena,” Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz featured his ex-lover and mother of his children, Zari Hassan. The song, which has become a popular choice at weddings, is a heartfelt dedication to couples who have succeeded in joining their lives together in matrimony. Diamond uses the song to express gratitude to his parents for raising him well and attributes the success of his own wedding day to their prayers and guidance.

The lyrics also address critics who doubted the wedding would take place, with Diamond firmly dismissing their negativity. Further, he encourages newlyweds to treasure their union as a blessing, reminding them that many people long for the opportunity to get married but are unable to do so. Diamond concludes with a piece of advice for married couples, urging them to value their commitment and not to resort to divorce, which he views as a transgression.

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