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Ezekiel Mutua hits out at Gen Zs for ‘ignoring’ Africa Climate summit

Kenya is hosting the Africa Climate Summit and the youth have been asked to speak on the effects of climate change.

Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua challenged the youth to speak about climate change and its impact on society.

In his post on social media, Dr Mutua criticized Generation Z (Gen Zs), who are mostly on TikTok, for ignoring the ongoing summit being held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) and instead opting to post what suits them.

“You will see youths wasting time on TikTok posting nonsense but they know nothing about the Africa Climate Summit taking place in Nairobi let alone terms like decarbonisation or carbon credits,” Dr Mutua said.

He stated that there is much stuff on social media about issues that will define the future of Africa and the world.

“The youth who are key stakeholders must pay attention to these matters and get involved in such important discourse.”

This comes even as African youth and children who attended the Africa Climate Summit (ACS23) called for climate change action and justice for the continent, which has been hugely affected by climate change despite her small contribution to global warming.

Recently, Kenyans were dragged into a debate after a petition to the National Assembly to ban TikTok, with the petitioner claiming the youth were being fed and exposed to inappropriate content.

According to Ben Ndolo, one of the petitioners, the social media application was promoting violence, explicit sexual content, hate speech, and vulgar language among the youth.

President William Ruto also issued a statement regarding the need to moderate the content being shared on social media, reaching out to TikTok management who promised to put in place mechanisms to regulate the content being posted.

Dr Mutua is also among the leaders who came out and disagreed with calls to ban TikTok in the country, and instead, asked the government to put in place structures to monitor the contents being consumed by users.

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