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Fearless Gen Z: Redefining boundaries and achieving the unthinkable

Mercy Tarus was just an ordinary University student trying to make ends meet in Eldoret town.

That was until she fell victim to a scholarship ‘scam’ in which her parents paid hundreds of thousands of shillings for her to secure a slot at a University in Finland for advanced learning. Then she never got the opportunity.

Tarus has now attracted public attention following her move to courageously confront Uasin Gishu leaders, including Governors Jonathan Bii alias Koti Moja, his Deputy John Barorot, and former county boss Jackson Mandago over the failed education initiative.

Taurus was captured on camera more or less lecturing the politicians on how they have made her and her parents suffer by spending much on education and receiving nothing.

This has raised the profile of the Gen Z, known to be go getters.

Here are some other examples of what Gen Z Kenyans are achieving:

1. Climate Change Crusaders

While concerns about the environment have been prevalent for decades, Gen Z Kenyans have taken the fight against climate change to new heights. One Julius Mbatia, for example, is a young Kenyan climate activist who has been advocating for policies to reduce the impacts of climate change, which are disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities in Kenya. His efforts have been instrumental in raising awareness and mobilizing action towards a more sustainable future.

2. Tech Innovators Transforming Industries

Gen Z Kenyans are not only embracing technology but also reshaping industries through innovation. Brian Rono, a 19-year-old software developer, has created an app that helps farmers detect crop diseases using artificial intelligence. His innovation has the potential to revolutionize agriculture in Kenya, ensuring better yields and food security.

3. Social Justice Advocates

Gen Z Kenyans are at the forefront of advocating for social justice. Stacey Otieno, a young activist, founded a movement to combat gender-based violence and promote gender equality in Kenya. Through workshops, campaigns, and digital platforms, she is driving conversations and actions that challenge harmful norms and empower women and girls.

4. Enterprising Trailblazers

Entrepreneurship is a hallmark of Gen Z Kenyans, who are turning their passions into successful businesses. Kevin Muriuki, a 21-year-old fashion designer, launched a clothing brand that fuses modern styles with traditional African fabrics. His business not only celebrates Kenya’s rich culture but also provides employment opportunities within his community.

5. Mental Health Advocates

Gen Z Kenyans are breaking the silence around mental health. Organizations like “Mental Health Awareness Kenya,” founded by Brian Wanjau, are creating safe spaces for discussions, providing resources, and advocating for better mental health support within Kenyan society.

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