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Five light duties Uhuru can allocate Waiguru, as voted by you

Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru resigned on Saturday citing health reasons and asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to allocate her light duties as he may deem fit for her.

Kenyans on social media went all out in suggesting the light duties that Ms Waiguru can perform, here are some of the suggestions:

1. State House Chef

We might not tell how well Ms Waiguru can cook but what we are sure is that she can cook. Doesn’t matter how many cuisines she can wipe out from the kitchen but all in all even non-complicated meals like mukimo, beef fry and chapati can make the President happy. Cooking is a light duty for every woman, hence a perfect one for her.

2. Personal Secretary

This role has to be made lighter by ensuring the President’s PA and State House secretaries do all the work and just leave the confirmation role to Ms Waiguru. Being the President’s secretary is no easy job but the support of the rest of the presidential staff will certainly not cause Ms Waiguru any health problems.

3. Personal stylist

The President is a sharp dresser, that we can all attest to, but Ms Waiguru is even sharper and she can add value to his look. During her tenure as the Devolution Cabinet Secretary, her choice of official attire was rather intimidating especially her color combination and fitting. Perhaps the President can assign her the role of dressing him so as to avoid his frequent fashion fails whenever he dresses casually over the weekends.

4. Errands lady

Ms Waiguru is close to what people call a perfectionist and when such personalities are sent on errands they perform very well. Errands that are of a more personal nature than those of a state nature can be best pulled off by Ms Waiguru who really knows how to get things done.

5. Office overseer

This role will basically involves ensuring that the President’s office has all the provisions required everyday. If done as a supervisory role this will be light enough for Ms Waiguru as all she needs to do is to check what is required and contact the staffer charged with that responsibility to avail it.