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Five tricks politicians are using to win nominations

The nominations for various elective posts are ongoing and our politicians are emplotyng all manner of tactics in search of votes.

But what  are the aspirants doing in a bid to get (re)-elected?

1. Propaganda – This ranks as perhaps the oldest trick in the book. It has been consistently been used over time. It entails spreading biased or misleading information to promote selfish interests.

This time round though, our chaps seem to have gone one better. The other day for example, an aspirant printed out copies of a fake Daily Nation front page, with information suggesting Busia County gubernatorial aspirant Paul Otuoma had defected from ODM to Jubilee.

2. Bloggers – This is the most common move, yet. Politicians all over are said to have invested heavily on people who primarily are supposed to take care of their “interests” online. This includes, highlighting their achievements, and trashing down their opponents.

One particular politician based in Nairobi, is known to have employed eight bloggers on a full time basis. This group is based in a house in Karen.

3. Violence – An unfortunate way to make ends meet. Pockets of violence have rocked several campaign rallies in recent times. Infamously, a recent event attended by Nairobi gubernatorial aspirants Peter Kenneth and Mike Sonko Mbuvi resulted in injuries when police intervened to stop unrest.

Similar incidents have also been reported in Migori and Busia, where supporters of politicians reportedly lost their lives. Some aspirants are known to own, hire and lease out goons to destabilise their opponents.

4. Hijackings – A couple of aspirants, including Kabete Parliamentary aspirants Charles Chege have reportedly been hijcaked in recent times. Although tough to know the real truth, it is reported that some politicians “hijack” themselves to create political sympathy.

5. Financial clout – The deep pocketed politicians seem to have no qualms in splashing the money around. This is seen as one of the surest way of wooing an electorate, most of whom are jobless youth. Other go on to buy out their opponents and rivals.