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Former Tahidi High actress Nyaboke tells off ‘friends’ asking her for freebies

By Winnie Mabel February 8th, 2023 2 min read

Former Tahidi High actress, Gloria Moraa Nyaboke, popularly known as Nyaboke aka Gloria Anazidi Kuiva Moraa, has told off people she once considered friends for asking her to do free things for them on her widely followed social media platforms.

In a statement on social media, Nyaboke said the same friends who were asking her for freebies were the very same ones who refused to help her in her brand growth journey as an influencer.

“Now let me say this. There are people who look down upon other people’s jobs. For instance, I am an influencer and I do brand awareness. When I started this, I used to beg friends to share my page “Nyaboke” and most would ignore kabisa. Others would laugh about it and ignore. Now the brand has grown and is a very well-known one,” she said.

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“The same people are coming with lines of ‘si unipostie kwa wall yako nipate followers,biashara? (Could you post for me on your wall so that my business can gain followers?)’ ….others with ‘please ni support nigrow kama wewe (please support me so I can grow on social media like you).’ ….or “tumetoka mbali niwekee hii moja buana. (We’ve known each other for a long time, just post one for me).

“Sorry to disappoint but I will not do it for free unless ni (it is) charity. Those who never shared, reposted or even tried to support go on saying ‘siku hizi kanajifanya sana (these days she has so much pride).’ Well that is my office and it needs all the respect it deserves. Hakuna siku ntaambia watoto wangu (there will be no day I will tell my children) ‘today we are eating nothing but friendship my babies.’ I can’t pay my bills with friendship wadau (my people). The friends who actually pay for my services, Mungu awabariki sana (God bless you abanduntly) because mko na heshima (you have respect).

“So those feeling like naringa, haki kaskie tu vibaya na huko sijui vile ntakusaidia (…I am boasting, please go and feel bitter from the other side because I don’t know how I can help you). Working your way to somewhere as a brand is not a walk in the park. Kwa hayo machache nipeeni biashara zenu ni advertise (in summary, please give me your businesses to advertise). #gaidimkuu,” said Nyaboke.

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Her post was met with support from her followers as some gave similar brand growth testimonies.

“It’s called knowing your worth Gloria Anazidi Kuiva Moraa The children must eat,” said Alfie Mayaka.

“You have really done well. I celebrate you always. Hiyo mambo ingine itabidi walipe tuu! Hakuna cha bure,” commented Ruth Nyamwathi.

“Gloria Anazidi Kuiva Moraa this is very true you cant pay bills with friendship but money,” said Lis Kemmy.

“That’s to say never look down on anyone, life is like a ball,” wrote Darlington Matthew Ashey.

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