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Four Eastleigh police officers go missing for three weeks

Four police officers disappeared from Eastleigh police post about three weeks ago and cannot be traced.

Police headquarters has sent details of the inspector, two corporals and a constable to all police stations to find and arrest the deserters.

National Police Service spokesman George Kinoti did not give details regarding the officers’ disappearance.

The officers have been identified as Acting Inspector Tom Nyanaro, Corporal Naftali Muthui, Corporal Robert Nyamweno and Constable Diducus Oyugi.

Investigations have revealed that three weeks ago, the four officers and two others went to arrest a suspect in Eastleigh.

Two of the officers who returned said they had been directed by a senior officer to go and reinforce their colleagues during the arrest.

The suspect was eventually arrested and booked but he was never taken to court nor was he traced again.

Mr Kinoti on Wednesday said a police officer is declared a deserter after 21 days of failing to report to duty.

“When he fails to report for duty, the immediate boss is supposed to make a formal complaint to the Internal Affairs Unit.

“A signal is sent out after 21 days. If he is found, he is summoned to explain,” Mr Kinoti said.

If the reasons are justified, the officers are retained. If charged and convicted for the offence, an officer can be jailed for two years.

When it is established that an officer has deserted, he may be arrested without a warrant and immediately take him to court.

Sources indicated that after the incident, Inspector Nyanaro was transferred from Eastleigh police post to Kariobangi police station but did not report for work.

The three other officers have also not been seen or traced. They were not residing at the post.