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Four interesting facts about late Angela Chibalonza’s teen daughter, Wonder

Iconic gospel singer Angela Chibalonza who died in a grisly road accident along the Naivasha-Nairobi highway in September 2007, left behind a nine-year-old daughter.

On the early morning accident, Chibalonza was traveling back from Egerton University, where she had performed.

The late gospel musician Angela Chibalonza who died in a road accident on September 22, 2008. FILE PHOTO
The late gospel musician Angela Chibalonza who died in a road accident on September 22, 2008. FILE PHOTO

She was in the company of her manager and a driver. The car they were traveling in, a Nissan B15, was going at a speed of about 130 km/hr when they chanced upon a roadblock.

“In a split second, I saw an oncoming vehicle, and there were traffic officers slowing us down. It was misty and foggy but I think our driver out of shock hit the trailer from behind with the car rolling 4 times according to the police report,” John Isaji told media outlets.

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“I quickly noticed an approaching car and the traffic officers slowing us down. Despite the mist and fog, our driver may have struck the trailer from behind as a result of shock, according to the police report. The automobile reportedly rolled four times.”

Chibalonza died on impact. She left behind their wonderful daughter, Glory Wonder Chibalonza.

Here are five things you need to know about Glory Wonder

Her mother died when she was nine months old

Baby Wonder with dad Pastor Muliri
Baby Wonder with dad Pastor Muliri

After Chibalonza’s demise, Pastor Muliri was forced to fit in the shoe of his wife and take care of his nine-month-old daughter.

Pastor Muliri has, on many occasions, testified that it was one of the most trying moments ever for him to the extent that he almost abandoned religion.

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Well, fifteen years later, it is indeed a journey worth taking pride in. Their daughter, Glory Wonder Chibalonza is today an all-grown lady who seems to be following her family’s footsteps as far as spirituality is concerned.

She launched her charity foundation to support orphans

Wonder Chibalonza Muliri with dad, Pastor Muliri
Wonder Chibalonza Muliri with dad, Pastor Muliri

Wonder launched her charity foundation last year, and it seeks to support orphans whose parents left them at a tender age, just like her.

She has a supportive stepmother

After the demise of Angela Chibalonza, Wonder’s father, who is now an Apostle at Ebenezer Gospel Church, remarried.

Maggie Muliri has always been present in Wonder’s life and supports her in her dreams.

The fifteen-year-old girl has also recognized the presence of her stepmother, whom she attributes to being vital in her upbringing after her mother’s untimely demise.

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She is perpetuating her mother’s good work in the ministry

Wonder has always vowed to perpetuate the good work of ministry that her mother began.

She has redone her mother’s classic hit, Uliniumba Nikuabudu.

In the song, she remixes one of the verses adding her own life story, picking up where her mother left off.

She dreams of continuing with her mother’s talent of ministering to the world through gospel songs.

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Check out the song below.


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