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Exclusive: I hid my pregnancy from my daughters – Wahu

By Beth Nyambura October 26th, 2022 2 min read

Veteran singer Wahu Kagwi did not want to reveal her pregnancy news to her two daughters Tumiso and Nyakio until she was very sure about her health and that of the baby.

In an exclusive interview, the now mother of three said she tried to hide the pregnancy from them for some time.

“I have had to explain to my first born daughter Tumiso afterwards why I did that,” she narrated.

Wahu who is in her early 40s said she wasn’t sure about the whole journey and the anxiety made her want to keep the news to herself and her hubby Nameless.

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Wahu Kagwi
Wahu Kagwi

“I was concerned and at the same time, I was afraid I would lose my child and so, I didn’t want to excite them yet,” she said.

Wahu went on to state that the news about them having another sibling was exciting.

“I knew they would be very happy about having a sibling since there was a time they were actually praying for a baby sister or brother but it got to a place and they stopped praying about it.”

Wahu announced to her social media in-laws her pregnancy when she was a few months away from her delivery.

“First trimester you don’t talk a lot about pregnancy but when I started showing physically, I was hiding it from my kids and I had anxiety but eventually, I had to tell them.”

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Kenyan gospel artiste Wahu and her daughter Nyakio Mathenge who is turning 7 years old. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kenyan gospel artiste Wahu and her daughter Nyakio Mathenge who is turning 7 years old. PHOTO | COURTESY

Wahu’s first-born daughter Tumiso is 16 years old, she said her daughter asked her about it as she is big enough to understand.

“My daughter was like, you can hide these things from Nyakio but not me,” Wahu said.

Wahu said her secondborn daughter Nyakio told her schoolmates about her mum’s pregnancy and they formed a group that used to pray for her.

Tumiso was also praying and recognising her role in the child’s life which Wahu said was very beautiful.

During the pregnancy, Wahu said that Tumiso also would accompany her mum to prenatal clinics.

“She was like, this baby is gonna need me to set a good example for her. I need to be a good sister and a junior mum,” she said.

“This girl will be coming to me before she comes to you. When she is 16, Tumiso will be 32, working and all that. The love was immense,” she said.

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Wahu and Nameless’ girls, Nyakio and Tumiso. PHOTO | COURTESY

Wahu’s daughter Nyakio would hug the stomach and sing children’s songs for the baby before they arrived.

On her due day, Wahu said her daughters did not want to go to school.

“We insisted they go but after the baby arrived, they were picked up from school.

Nameless and Wahu have since been sharing the exciting moments of her children bonding and we all like to see the love.

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