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Girl, if sherehe sheria is a must, then here are the dos and don’ts for clubbing

By Winnie Mabel November 23rd, 2022 3 min read

There is this stereotype growing among Kenya’s millennials and Generation Z that to party, one does not need a reason.

You just do it because you probably woke up healthy; you received unexpected money, the sun shone instead of rain falling and so forth.

Sherehe sheria (it is the law to party) is the local slang phrase associated with this love for clubbing and partying.

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We also have a growing number of women who are opting to go clubbing in the absence of men compared to the past, where being in a man’s company was some form of security for women against harassment and being taken advantage of in case the drinks go down too smoothly.

Now, women are going out to clubs in groups, having their chill time and heading back home without having to put up with the stereotypical expectations of going out with a man and possibly going home with him.

And so, if you are the kind of enlightened woman who enjoys hanging out with girlfriends and having a good time in clubs, here are some dos and don’ts you may want to note down for the next time y’all hit the club…

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  1. If you come to the club with four other girlfriends, you must leave the club with your four friends. No woman gets left behind, especially if the club vibes hit the right spot where the alcohol couldn’t. This is unless one of your friend’s significant other comes for her but not leaving any friend behind-especially with a stranger.
  2. Do watch over each other while in the club. Have a designated sober ‘matron’ at the table to watch over your drinks, valuables, and probably your lives. This ‘matron’ will set your neck straight if you pass out on the club table, will accompany you to the washrooms if you are too drunk to navigate clubbing bodies and will see to it that you get home safe. The only rule is that you should not particularly give her a hard time because she is watching over four of you, not just you.
  3. Do insist on waiters and waitresses opening up drinks in front of you; or sit at the bar where you can watch the bar tender handle your drinks. This will prevent your drinks or food from being spiked by criminal elements in the clubs. Don’t leave your drinks unattended once you receive them.
  4. Do not accept drinks from strangers- especially if your pockets are too dry to wet your whistle.
  5. Don’t go to the washrooms or outside the club drunk and unaccompanied. Several predators are hanging out at clubs targeting drunk or vulnerable people for theft and other nefarious activities.
  6. Do alert each other as to your whereabouts- you’re going to see if the nyama choma is ready, tell a friend or get one of them to accompany you. You only have 5-10 minutes to be out of the line of sight from your girl group; otherwise, they must all come to find you.
  7. If you came in a cab as a group, go home in a cab as a group. Use taxi-hailing apps for transparency and safety. Nduthis (public service motorcycles) are out of the question. A drunk pillion passenger is a candidate for death, and as Kenyan law requires boda boda guys to only carry one passenger at a time, in your vulnerable state, you are safe being taken home alone by a stranger boda operator.

Do you have any other dos and don’ts? Let us know in the comment section…

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