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Give me a chance! Stivo Simple Boy tells Betty Kyallo

Musician Stevo Simple Boy has expressed his belief that he possesses the capability to provide comfort to media personality Betty Kyallo during what he perceives as a period of heartbreak for her.

Over the weekend, Betty Kyallo shared introspective thoughts on social media, hinting at personal challenges that stirred concern among her followers.

While on holiday at the Coast with her mother, Betty penned a reflective message, acknowledging the tumultuous nature of recent months but expressing gratitude for finding solace in living one day at a time.

“I’ve gone through everything the last couple of months… well I think just like everyone. It’s been extreme highs and extreme lows, but I always tried to keep my head above the water,” Kyallo shared.

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She highlighted the value of being present for oneself and loved ones, stressing the significance of embracing life’s unpredictability.

“I’ve been thrown off balance and every other thing in between but today I’m happy. What I’ve learned in the last couple of months is that you don’t have to figure everything out. Just try and be present for yourself and whoever matters,” she shared.

Betty also expressed self-confidence and pride in her appearance, stating:

“Damn, I also look so damn good. Geez UNAPOLOGETIC.”

Despite the support from well-wishers, the mother of one revealed that her comments had prompted numerous messages from men offering comfort, indicative of the concern surrounding her well-being.

Stevo Simple Boy has now taken to social media to address the situation, condemning those responsible for causing Betty distress before offering his own unique form of solace.

“Men who have hurt Betty Kyallo, what is your problem? I am in Singoli, and if you give me a chance, I will not let you suffer like Pastor Makenzie. I will keep you as the secret of the earth and heaven. I know things will be ‘LOMBO LOMBO’ without ‘Sinza Sinza,’ right?! Kisses,” Stivo said.

Betty Kyallo is yet to respond.