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Engagement photo emerges after Joyce Maina’s ex, Tony Kwalanda, denies ever proposing

Tony Kwalanda, the former political aspirant, has stirred controversy by denying ever proposing to his ex-lover, Joyce Maina.

Contrary to previous narratives, Kwalanda refuted claims of proposing to Maina.

Yet, during the commemoration of Switch TV’s second anniversary in June 2022, a photograph purportedly showing Tony and Joyce’s engagement emerged on the internet.

At the time, sports journalist, Caren Kibbet also confirmed the proposal in a social media post that read:

“Tony Kwalanda put a ring on it, congratulations Mr and Mrs Kwalanda.”

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Here is the photo:

Engagement photo of Joyce Maina and Tony Kwalanda
Engagement photo of Joyce Maina and Tony Kwalanda showing off the diamond ring. PHOTO| COURTESY

Tony also asserted that he was the one to end the relationship.

“I have never engaged Joyce Maina. This is true… And you can confirm that,” Kwalanda emphasised, casting doubt on previously held beliefs about their romantic history.

Addressing the question of who initiated the breakup, Kwalanda admitted to being the one to end things, although he acknowledged Maina’s deep involvement in the relationship.

“Technically, it is me who dumped her. But she was really in it; she was very up to it,” Kwalanda stated.

Kwalanda also elaborated on the challenges they faced, particularly concerning cultural differences and gender roles.

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He expressed discomfort with Maina’s expectation that he would take on traditional female responsibilities, such as cooking when she became pregnant, despite his proficiency in the kitchen.

“I understood her because of how she was raised and where she comes from; I knew we would face challenges here. It was one of the main reasons, as the [child] name alone could cause issues, it is a red flag. But there might be another reason,” he said.

Reflecting on the potential for future conflicts, Kwalanda recognised the significance of cultural disparities and differing expectations in their relationship’s demise.

“I saw that if we continued, we would encounter problems. I felt like the [process of choosing a] name [for our children] was just the tip of the iceberg; there could be more underlying issues. Also, I heard her mentioning that when she’s pregnant, one day I should come home and cook for her… I know how to cook and can do it in marriage, but some men don’t like being told or reminded.”

The interview sparked a flurry of reactions from fans, with some expressing support for Joyce while others criticised Kwalanda’s candidness.

Instagram user mwikalie_eunie commented, “Imagine having this kind of a man! Joyce nayo hapa had stooped soo low,” echoing sentiments of disappointment.

Meanwhile, user Ramzzy_ defended Kwalanda, stating, “Everyone loves tea until it’s time for men to speak the truth and it doesn’t favour the drinkers.”

ramzzy_ alias Ramzzy is a well-known content creator who got into an online war with radio host Mike Mondo who is dating his ex, Shiko Nguru.

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Anyhow, Joyce has responded to the accusations, expressing that she has reconciled with herself over some regrettable decisions made in the past.

“There is something I am trying to get across. I am at a phase of my life where I would 100% judge myself, like my past self,” Maina expressed, reflecting on her actions in 2019 and 2022.

She acknowledged making mistakes and allowing negativity into her life during those periods.

“The Joyce of 2019-2019 did some very stupid things. She let a lot of rubbish into her life.”

Continuing, Joyce articulated a profound shift in perspective, noting:

“I feel so different… I am at a phase where I can look back and think, who was that? I feel like a completely different person.”