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Tony Kwalanda: Cultural differences led to my split with Joyce Maina

Media personality Tony Kwalanda has shed light on the reasons behind the end of his relationship with actress and content creator Joyce Maina.

In an interview with TV47, Kwalanda admitted to being deeply in love with Joyce and revealed that the couple had plans to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together.

Their commitment was evident as they had even introduced each other to their respective parents, signalling the seriousness of their bond.

However, he alleged that the harmony in their relationship was marred by cultural disparities, particularly stemming from Kwalanda’s Luhya heritage and Joyce’s Kikuyu background.

The issue that became a significant point of contention was the cultural norms surrounding the naming of children.

“Joyce said, ‘For my first child, I want to name them this, for the second, I want this name, and for the third, I prefer this.’ I listened to her and explained, ‘You know, among the Luhya people in Malava, it’s the men who traditionally name the children.’ Joyce retorted, ‘I am the carrier of the child. You impregnate me and then come to dictate the names? I will name them according to my preference, whether you like it or not,'” Kwalanda recounted.

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Realising the potential for future conflicts, Kwalanda reflected: “I saw that if we continued, we would encounter problems. I felt like the name was just the tip of the iceberg; there could be more underlying issues. Also, I heard her mentioning that when she’s pregnant, one day I should come home and cook for her… I know how to cook and can do it in marriage, but some men don’t like being told or reminded.”

This recent disclosure contrasts with Kwalanda’s earlier statement in 2021, where he expressed regret for not actively pursuing Joyce after their breakup.

He reminisced about their interactions at work and how Joyce had encouraged him, prompting him to acknowledge his shortcomings in not addressing their relationship issues sooner

“When I am coming to work, we meet with Joyce more often and we talk and share stuff she encouraged me the other day and told me ‘Tony, go for it, we are coming to help you campaign’ and I was like ‘oh my God, I was about to shed a tear’.

I blame myself for not pursuing Joyce. Sometimes I sit down and ask myself why we never sat down and addressed those small issues and worked on them and got back the relationship,” he said.