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Government advises Kenyans not to travel to Saudi Arabia, KOT reacts

By Wangu Kanuri September 5th, 2022 2 min read

The Kenyan Government has advised Kenyans not to travel to Saudi Arabia as workers adding that Kenyans have chosen not to listen.

Ambassador Macharia Kamau the Foreign Affairs Public Secretary (PS) responded to a question asking, “But for how long will our sisters continue being enslaved in the middle east? Does it have to always get here for the government to intervene? How many lives have been lost in the past? Still, these rogue agencies that send these young girls out there exist. What is being done?”

The Ambassador answered, “Please. We have told Kenyans repeatedly to stop sending this category of workers to Saudi. You’ve chosen not to listen.”

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Although he assured Kenyans that the lady who had fallen sick in Saudi Arabia will be returned home on Monday, Ambassador Kamau has received criticism from Kenyans who sought to understand the category he was referring to.

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Diana Chepkemoi’s plight came to the limelight after photos of her surfaced on social media.

Diana Chepkemoi, the Kenyan woman who is currently stuck in Saudi Arabia. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Her once glowing eyes, full cheeks and confident pose radiating warmth have been replaced by an emaciated version with gaunt eyes, hollow cheeks, unkempt hair and visible shoulder blades, a testament to her pathetic state.

Chepkemoi’s boss’s temperament in an audio recording is evident and categorically denies harming the 24-year-old calling her a pathological liar and other derogatory names.

Here is a TikTok of a Kenyan working in Saudi Arabia as a house manager – kadama.


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♬ original sound – Ototo72

Nelly Ototo narrates how the bosses sometimes fail to provide for basic items, thus she comes up with a foolproof way of getting those items.

The comments section also highlights the same pleas from fellow Kenyans working as kadamas in the Gulf countries.

fridah guantai: Mimi sabuni uwa naoga na ya vyombo na mafuta natumia olive na maisha inaendelea 😂😂

user2969867216901: It’s true they like ignoring us

lizbeib04: Haki I really thank God coz mm hakuna kitu kinafichwa and then tunatumia choo moja na wao,hata shampoo ndo sabuni ya kuoga na iko hapo tuu.

mutuadammy: Mimi najihuyia but soap +always naiba even Vaseline

Naimah kibah jepleting: Huyo ni Mimi kabisaaa nafanyanga ivyo😂😂

@saud: Imagine nimeservive hivi now almost 3 years 😂😂

sumayabintmusa: 😂😂😂mimi nimeweka kopo ya shampoo hadi mwaka sasa ikiisha naenda mimina😂😂😂

Leen ❤️: Mimi sibuyiwi anything 🥺🥺🥺

@roinahkiguru,❤️🌹: That’s how I survive in this country

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