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Governor Mwangaza appoints her hubby the ‘ambassador of Meru Hustlers’

By Wangu Kanuri September 30th, 2022 2 min read

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza has appointed her husband Murega Baicu, a guitarist, as the Meru Youth Service Patron as well as the ‘ambassador of Meru Hustlers.’

While unveiling her cabinet, the county’s first female said Baicu’s position will not be paid or compensated, but instead be more of a volunteer role.

“This office will not have a salary, neither will it have allowances. This office will be held by the first gentleman of the county,” the governor said.

Baicu has been accompanying the governor to most official functions and posting photos on social media which have attracted varied reactions.

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During the campaign period, Baicu gained famed for playing his guitar and singing campaign songs to popularise Ms Mwangaza’s political bid.

Following her election victory, Ms Mwangaza, she said her husband’s music skills contributed to about 50 per cent of her win.

“We could not afford to pay entertainers in our campaign meetings. My husband’s music prowess played a big role in my victory,” Mwangaza said.

However, it reports later emerge to the effect that Ms Mwangaza paid her hubby Sh2 million of public funds to perform at her swearing in ceremony, claims shich she denied saying they were rumours being peddled by her political rivals.

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“My husband Murega Baichu was not contracted for performance nor was he paid even a single shilling during my swearing-in ceremony. But when I receive my first month salary nitamnunulia zawadi,” she tweeted.

In May, Baicu was accused of neglecting his children from his first marriage, with the couple responding in kindness.

“Before I got married to Mwangaza, I had children with six women. Which children are my critics talking about? All the children I sired with the six women are taken care of,” he posed.

On her part, Ms Mwangaza said, “If you see any child that resembles Murega, please, bring the child to me. If it is a girl, the better because I don’t have girls. I am aware that my husband was in several relationships before we got married and all the children are in school.”

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