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Grab an umbrella, the rains are here

Nairobi will experience rainfall during the next five days, the Deputy Director of Meteorological Services, Mr Peter Ambenje has said.

During this period, Mr Ambenje said, the city is expected to record rainfall amounts totalling 10 mm in a day.

Mr Ambenje, who is in-charge of Forecasting and County Meteorological Services, said the pick-up in the rainfall, which begun on Thursday, is expected to spread to most parts of the country except northwestern Kenya.

“The country has started to receive moisture from the Indian Ocean which has resulted in an increase of rainfall in several parts of the country,” Mr Ambenje added.

Last week, dry conditions engulfed most parts of the country especially over western Kenya, the Northeastern areas and coastal strip due to a deep low pressure system that occurred in the South of Malagasy denying us moisture from the Indian Ocean.

“However, on Sunday, areas that recorded the highest amounts of rainfall were Moyale Meteorological Station (53.6 mm) and Wilson Airport (22.1 mm)