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Guardian Angel defends Rastafarian locks: Dready sio dhambi!

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has proclaimed that one’s hairstyle is not an obstacle to salvation.

The ‘Hadithi’ hitmaker made the remarks during a live church service led by Pastor Nabii Malisa in Tanzania, which was broadcast on Wasafi TV.

Guardian explained that God’s judgement goes beyond appearances, insisting that divine scrutiny lies in one’s inner self and actions.

“Having Rastafarian locks is not a problem if you have God. If God saw having hair as a sin, we would all be bald,” Angel stated with conviction.

The gospel artiste used the opportunity to dispel rumours of the supposed death of the gospel music industry.

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While acknowledging the changing dynamics of the music business, Guardian Angel passionately defended the genre, declaring it alive and well.

“There is no greater music than gospel music. When people are at home, they want to start their day with gospel music. Few musicians may be leaving the industry, but that does not mean gospel music is dead. We have a lot of good gospel music,” he said.

Commenting on the influence of social media on the music landscape, the Guardian stressed that a strong online presence is no guarantee of success.

Stressing the importance of understanding the dynamics of the industry, he said, “Being on social media doesn’t mean you can push your music more than someone who isn’t. The music industry has its own dynamics, and there are times when people want to listen to certain musicians.

Guardian Angel also defended his relationship with Esther Musila, pointing out that age is not a definitive measure of maturity.

“If there’s one thing I don’t regret, it’s getting married to my wife.”

The gospel artist noted that commitment and happiness are paramount, regardless of societal opinions.

“People can talk online, but they don’t even have facts. They react to what is said in the caption. It is just an opinion. As long as I am happy, that is all that matters,” he said.