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Guardian Angel reveals church discrimination after marriage to Esther Musila

Talented gospel singer Guardian Angel has shared his personal journey of facing discrimination within the church when he married Esther Musila, a woman older than him.

Speaking at the launch of his Gospel music record label, 7 Heaven, Guardian Angel attributed the success of his music career to his wife, acknowledging her unwavering support during a time when he was subjected to online trolling for his choice of partner.

Guardian Angel, aged 33, tied the knot with Esther Musila, who is 52, in a vibrant wedding ceremony in 2021.

“After just three weeks of getting to know Esther, my wife, I had already made up my mind to marry her. I realized that I was the only one who truly understood her impact on my life,” Guardian Angel revealed.

He went on to recount how bloggers relentlessly scrutinized his relationship and age difference with his wife, resulting in a barrage of headlines that often featured his wife’s age as a central point of discussion.

“Bloggers decided to invent their captions and post things. Every day, the headlines were all about Guardian and my wife’s age. My wife’s name seemed inseparable from her age. I endured a continuous onslaught of insults until they eventually grew weary. This marks the fourth year of our marriage,” he noted.

Amid the online negativity, Guardian Angel expressed his gratitude for ignoring the relentless online chatter, choosing instead to focus on his music career.

He acknowledged that without his wife’s unwavering support, he might not have achieved his current success.

During his speech, Guardian Angel also disclosed a brief hiatus from attending church, citing an incident where he was mistreated and not even given an opportunity to introduce himself at a particular church.

This unfortunate experience left him with a strong aversion to the church, as he felt the mistreatment was linked to his marriage to Esther.

“I performed at a certain church, and the treatment I received was disheartening. I was denied the opportunity to even introduce myself in that church. I was deeply hurt by the way I was treated because of my marriage to Esther. Since then, I harbored negative feelings towards the church and even told Esther that I would no longer attend. She continued attending her church, leaving me at home.”

Later, Guardian Angel discovered that the pastor who had discriminated against him had his own personal struggles and this revelation led him to reconsider his perspective.

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