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Maureen Waititu: Why I have limited posting my sons online

Digital influencer, Maureen Waititu has explained why she stopped posting her two sons on social media.

In a recent interview with Sharon Mwangi on her show ‘Best Kept Secrets,’ digital influencer Maureen Waititu said her biggest achievement is being a mum.

Waititu, known for her active presence on various social media platforms, revealed that motherhood is her greatest achievement.

“I love being a mum,” she expressed.

“I always teach them in a way when I am not there they can take care of themselves. Motherhood is not for the weak.”

However, Waititu admitted that if given a second chance, she would refrain from sharing her children’s photos online.

“If I knew what I know now, I would never have posted my sons on social media. I never knew I would blow up,” she said.

“I have reduced posting them because they deserve some privacy. If I have another child, I will never put them on social media. Social media users will always try to find mistakes.”

The digital influencer also touched upon her personal experience with body shaming.

“Case in point, like myself, when it comes to my weight, it’s like everybody is like, ‘Okay, she added weight, she’s lost a lot,'” Waititu shared.

“There’s always somebody who is unhappy, and of course, you find yourself hiding or not fully showing up as yourself. But at the same time, I am not very silent when it comes to those things. I call people out like, ‘Stop it, leave people alone!’ Coz it’s already so hard, especially for a woman and a woman under a microscope.”

Maureen is peacefully co-parenting with her baby daddy Frankie Just GymIt.

“I can say that I am proud to say that I am able to do it, maybe not for a long amount of time but we are getting there,” She says.

She further talked about her ability to navigate this situation, acknowledging that people are aware of the pain caused by her breakup.

Now, she finds herself co-parenting with the very same man who once broke her heart.

“It’s about healing actually, when you have healed and everything is behind you, You tend to do the right thing. It’s easier now coz the babies can see both their parents which is my greatest dream. Whatever is ahead we will figure it out.”

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