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‘I got 100 DMs full of insults,’ Maureen Waititu after breakup with Frankie

Media personality and former model Maureen Waititu recently revealed the challenges she faced with cyberbullying from women following her breakup with Frankie Kiarie, the father of her two sons.

During a candid interview with Lynn Ngugi, Maureen discussed her journey of resilience, the unexpected pregnancy, and the impact of cyberbullying on her mental health.

In the interview, Maureen shared the story of welcoming her second son despite being on birth control at the time.

“I got pregnant when I was on birth control, but I said he was not going to stop me. I was planning on having another child the following year, but he came earlier. The company I was working for was able to support me until I went on my maternity leave,” she revealed.

However, things took a turn in 2019 when Maureen and Frankie parted ways.

The breakup became a turning point in her life, shaping her into the strong and resilient person she is today.

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Reflecting on the challenges she encountered during that time, Maureen shared her struggle with suicidal thoughts.

“The bigger message was being sent through whatever I went through. Life happened, and it is not a ‘woiye’ story. We are here thriving,” Maureen said.

During this difficult period, Maureen says she faced relentless cyberbullying from women on social media.

She received an overwhelming number of direct messages, many of them filled with insults and negativity.

The barrage of hurtful messages took a severe toll on her mental well-being.

“At some point, I would get like 100 DMs of people just insulting me to a point I had to give away my phone and passwords, and someone else was managing my accounts for the longest time. My support system was like, ‘You can’t see this; we will handle it before you do,'” she shared.

Despite the immense pressure she faced online, Maureen credited her close friends and support system for shielding her from the harsh cyberbullying.

Their intervention helped her cope during those challenging times and kept her going.

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