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He’s not young, Zari defends her new bae

Ugandan socialite-cum-entrepreneur Zari Hassan has slammed people who have raised issues about her dating Shakib Cham, who is relatively younger than her.

Zari said that when people say her son (her boyfriend) is so cute she responds by saying: “My boyfriend is not young, he is 30 going 31 in December. So he is not young, he does look young. I am literally turning 42 this year but you wouldn’t tell.”

Saying people forget that some people got their children when young and have since grown up with them, Zari asked, “Why is it that when men date younger girls it is okay, but when it is the opposite society happens?”

She also rubbished claims that she is defiling her young boyfriend.

“You find a 70-year-old man dating a 19 yea-old-girl and that is okay with the public. That is very okay, they do not have any issues… aren’t you shocked 19 and 70 that is an age difference of like 50… isn’t that when you should come and say that it is defilement? But really, 41 and 31… you call that defilement? Aaah society you need to revise your ways,” she said.

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She went to say that her man is not as young as he looks and she is not as old as people want to make it seem, adding that her relationship is about two people who are happy.

“This age thing is such a topic. I don’t know why when it comes to Zari everything is shocking. Come on, do your research, there’s a whole bunch of people dating younger people and vice versa.”

Zari introduced Shakib months after breaking up with GK Choppa. In an interview, the mother of five claimed that she had known Shakib for much longer than her ex-boyfriend.

“Me and Shakib have known each other for a very long time. I am a beautiful woman if a man approaches me no matter what age I will accept if I am interested. Shakib first became my friend and now my boyfriend. He gives me so much peace. That’s why he stands out,” she said.