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‘Hessy wa Kayole’ takes out Nairobi’s ‘prettiest gangster’s’ husband

Police in Ruiru have killed the husband of a female robber Claire Njoki Kibia who was shot dead in Nairobi four months ago.

Mwaniki, famously known as ‘Mwanii Sparta’ was shot dead in Ruiru on Sunday alongside another suspect.

An AK 47rifle was recovered from the duo.

Nairobi County Police Commander Japhet Koome confirmed the fatal shooting of Mwanii, and said that he was one of the most dangerous criminals in Nairobi.

“There was a shooting in Ruiru and I can indeed confirm that the suspect who was shot dead is the husband of the (slain) female suspect,” Mr Koome said.


Immediately after the shooting of Mwanii, a mysterious police officer going by the name ‘Hessy Wa Dandora’ posted  a picture of the bodies of Mwanii and another suspect he identified as ‘Willis’.

Some of the mourners at the burial of  Claire. PHOTO | FILE
Some of the mourners at the burial of Claire. PHOTO | FILE

“Hayawi hayawi huwa, Mwani na Willis are with their ancestors rights now. Mwanii killed police officers in Kayole na akajifanya ati anajua sana ati Ruiru ndio Mafichoni,” he captioned.

Police have constantly sent a warning to members of the public, cautioning them that the suspect was armed, dangerous and did not hesitate shooting at the slightest provocation.

After the shooting of Claire and recovery of a Berretta pistol from her, Mr Koome issued a circular, saying two other suspects escaped from the scene at the Lower Chokaa in Ruai.

He identified one of the two suspects on the run as Mwanii and profiled him as an elusive criminal who had been behind the murder of several police officers.


Ever since the fatal shooting of Claire, the mysterious social media user, claiming to be a plain-clothe police officer and going by the names Hessy wa Kayole, Hessy wa Dandora and Hessy wa Huruma, has been warning Mwanii and other suspects.

He named Clare and Mwanii as members of the dreaded gang – Gaza Boys, which operates in Kayole and other parts of Eastlands.

Apart from profiling him as a trigger-happy gangster, the police also said Mwanii had killed other members of his gang after sour deals and when he suspected that they had an affair with Claire.

A police officer privy to the investigations said Mwanii had previously worked as a Matatu conductor before joining the criminal gang.


He suspected that he could access police communication, which helped him to escape from police officers trailing him.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that Mwanii once served in the General Service Unit, GSU.

He was profiled as an arrogant, trigger-happy gangster, who lures young boys to conduct robberies with him or on his behalf, using guns that have been stolen from police officers.

Aside from Claire, Mr Koome had said Mwanii operated with several female gangsters who helped him ferry guns, gather information and buy food for him when hideouts.