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Hold your horses and wait for Supreme Court verdict, Karua tells Ruto

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition presidential running mate Martha Karua has told president-elect William Ruto to slow down and wait for the Supreme Court to make its decision on whether he genuinely won the election.

Ms Karua has further accused Dr Ruto of “throwing his weight around” like he was already the president.

While speaking at a burial ceremony in Kiandieri, Kirinyaga central, Ms Karua said that there must be justice for peace to prevail in the country.

“Peace cannot last for a long time if there is no justice. Azimio has enough evidence that the results announced at Bomas of Kenya are cooked figures and do not reflect the will of the people,” she said.

She added that the Supreme Court has the mandate to look at the figures to find out whether they were cooked or not. The Narc Kenya party leader reminded the mourners that she is a fighter who does not give up, saying that she will fight for electoral justice to the end.

At the same time, she called on all Kenyans to maintain calm as the constitutional judicial process is followed to the letter. Ms Karua thanked the residents who voted for Mr Raila Odinga and her on August 9, while also stated that those who voted for their opponents exercised their democratic rights.

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She also accused Dr Ruto of breaking the law by receiving defectors from Azimio la Umoja.

“It is shocking that a person who is aspiring to lead the country is either ignorant of the law or behaves with impunity. Is that Dr Ruto has not read the Political Parties Act or he regards the law as nothing?” Karua posed when she met a delegation of Azimio leaders at Kerugoya town in Kirinyaga county.

Meanwhile, Azimio la Umoja presidential secretariat has taken a swipe at Dr Ruto for ‘poaching’ its MPs. In a statement on Friday, the secretariat spokesperson Prof Makau Mutua accused the UDA party leader of ‘buying’ its MPs to create a vain impression that he is more powerful.

“We are shocked that DP William Ruto, who harbours dreams of leading Kenya, is already engaged in acts of impunity and disregard of the rule of law,” Prof Mutua said.

He also refute reports of defections from Mr Odinga’s camp.

“No member of Azimio has legally invoked the process of leaving the coalition. All the members who signed as original members are still members in good standing. So, any purported defections are a legal nullity,” he said.

He further accused Dr Ruto of disregarding the rule of law despite promising to abide by it.

“Why has Ruto panicked and resorted to illegal and corrupt conduct in violation of the law? It can only be because he has sensed defeat.”