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How suspected gangster met his death during botched robbery in Roysambu

A suspected thug was Sunday morning shot dead in a botched robbery in Kasarani area, Nairobi.

The suspect and his accomplices are reported to have been robbing pedestrians in Roysambu area before police who had been alerted earlier on ambushed them.

Police said they confronted the two suspects as they attacked and robbed a female pedestrian of her valuables. One of the suspects was shot and killed as his accomplice managed to escape on foot.

A homemade gun, two knives, four mobile phones and a lady’s handbag were recovered from the slain suspect. Police have since launched a manhunt for the other suspect who escaped.

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According to residents, morning attacks from gangs are common in the area and the slain suspect was a known leader of the gang. Police said they have mobilized more personnel to respond to the claims.

Kasarani and Roysambu estates, which are homes to thousands of city dwellers, have recently gained notoriety as the city’s ‘murder capital’.

In recent months, a number of people have lost their lives within the sprawling estate.

The two estates have attracted young adults because of affordable rents, proximity to the city centre where most work, and the growing number of tertiary institutions in the area.

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Speaking to the Nation earlier this month, Kasarani Criminal Investigations Officer Jimmy Kimaro, who took over from Mr Vincent Kipkorir last December, admitted that there has been a crime wave in the area.

“Since January, we have had 40 cases of suicides, murders and unexplained deaths. It is a worrying trend,” Mr Kimaro said.

In March 2023, an armed robber was shot dead by police officers after allegedly attacking a man in Githurai 44, Nairobi county.

The police recovered a Czeska pistol loaded with four rounds of 9mm caliber following the chase. The body of the suspect is currently at the City morgue awaiting identification.

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