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Hypocrite! Kamene Goro fires shots at Eric Omondi

Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has had it with comedian Eric Omondi as she called him out for being a ‘hypocrite’.

Speaking during her morning show on Kiss FM, Kamene came out all guns blazing at the comedian telling him to stop talking and step up to do something that actually helps Kenyan artists.

Following the impromptu cancellation of Nigerian artiste Tems concert which was set to take place in a few weeks, Eric Omondi shared his jubilation with his fans claiming that the Nigerian singer finally understood the situation in Kenya.

His act did not rub the who is who in the Kenyan entertainment industry the right way as, according to netizens, he seemed to not only fight against Nigerian artists but Kenyan promoters and entertainers.

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Eric Omondi, Tems and Ruger.
Eric Omondi, Tems and Ruger. PHOTO | COURTESY

Speaking on the matter, Kamene said, “I don’t understand. How are you fighting for Kenyan music when all you do is bash and fight with our musicians online?

How are you fighting for Kenyan music when you’re celebrating when young event organizers have their event cancelled?”

“The number of jobs they were going to give, the views they were going to pay to our Kenyan musicians, but it was cancelled and you were so happy sitting there by the sidelines. A whole you who should be a mentor in this industry,” said Kamene.

The sassy radio queen went on to add that the comedian is not fighting for Kenyan artists, but rather fighting for himself.

“You’re not fighting for musicians, you’re fighting for yourself. A lot of Kenyan musicians performed this weekend, were you there to support them? Did you buy a ticket? That’s how you start supporting, buy a ticket,” she said.

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Kamene continued, “Have you supported any event this year ama zako ni za kuingia tu online na kusema tuu how you are the biggest or how you are better than them and how you’re doing shows all over Africa?”

She then challenged the comedian to organize a show that can pull 10k Kenyans the way Nigerian star, Ruger had over the weekend in Meru.

“Skiza bro, I want you to stop talking and finally find something to do. We fanya concert ya wasee 10,000 alafu ukuje tuongee.”

Not done, Kamene told Eric to make a platform for Kenyan artists where they will do what he wants them to do.

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