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Exclusive: Sarah Kabu on ‘shaped’ and ‘flat’ backsides

Bonfire Adventures Chief Executive Sarah Kabu says women retain the right to change their bodies to their own satisfaction.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the celebrated businesswoman argues that as much as she believes in natural beauty, women should be allowed to make choices on what to do with their bodies if that makes them happy and comfortable.

Kabu who prides herself as an advocate of women’s rights and empowerment also advised women to appreciate their natural bodies.

“I think it’s good for people to appreciate their natural bodies. I admire the looks of our mothers, which is an inspiration and I think it’s the same way we should also appreciate the way we look because we are naturally beautiful,” she said.

Those who maybe not be comfortable with the way they look should feel free to change their bodies to whatever they are comfortable with. I believe we all have different tastes and styles, so I cannot tell anyone to go Vera’s (Sidika) way or go my way because I am team natural.”

Adding: “I think it’s good to appreciate people’s diversities. For Vera, I would say good for her, and all the other women who are not comfortable with their bodies and feel like they need to reshape them.”

She further noted that those who choose to stay natural should pride themselves in their choice and boldness to embrace their God-given beauty and should not be intimidated by body shamers and trolls because of how they look.

“For those who choose to remain team natural, they should be proud of themselves because I believe people with flat behinds are still beautiful and they are not the first. Even our grandmothers had the same figures. You should not feel like any less of a person because you don’t have a curvy body,” she said.

Kabu’s comments come amid discussion over socialite Vera Sidika’s stunt suggesting she had removed her butt implants. Only for it to turn into a move to market her song.

Besides, women are increasingly turning to change their skin colour and other aspects of their body so as to apparently look beautiful.

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