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‘If you want to be popular, be a comedian…’ Ruto to govt leaders

President William Ruto has encouraged Kenyan leaders to make principled decisions, even if they anticipate criticism.

Ruto suggested that leaders who are unable to take their responsibilities seriously might be better suited for careers in comedy.

He made these remarks on April 17 at the KICC in Nairobi during the official launch of the National Road Safety Action Plan by NTSA.

“The challenge we have and that is why we have not made the progress as we should, that is why we have not achieved our potential as a country is that those of us who have been chosen as leaders, want to do popular things. We are not elected to be popular, if you want to continuously be popular don’t be a leader, be something else,” the President said.

The head of state added:

“There is an opportunity for you to be popular all the time, for people to clap for you all the time; be a comedian, that way you don’t have to struggle, people will continuously clap and laugh at what you are saying and you will continue to be popular,” the President said.

He emphasised that he would never advise a leader to choose the popular path but would instead encourage them to do what is right, even if it invites criticism.

“For those who have the opportunity to lead, let us do the right thing. It may not necessarily be popular but the right thing will get us to the right place, we will never go wrong by doing the right thing.”

The President remarked that leaders opting for convenient choices are the ones hindering the country’s progress.

Ruto reaffirmed his dedication to the effective implementation of the National Road Safety Action Plan by allocating resources and establishing legal frameworks.

He urged collaboration among ministries and various stakeholders to achieve this goal.

He emphasised that Kenyans are eager to see tangible outcomes following the plan’s launch and urged leaders to deliver on their promises.

Furthermore, he instructed the Ministry of Transport to reduce the number of road accidents by fifty percent within the next year.

“The numbers have not been coming down instead they have been going up, every year the numbers have been going up. The CS and your team, the numbers have to come down. The template on how they should come down is known and practised everywhere,” the President said.