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I’m making it big in UAE, says Kenyan model Hassan Duba

By Sinda Matiko September 23rd, 2023 1 min read

Dubai-based Kenyan model Hassan Duba says, the perception in Kenya about modelling being a socialite field is misplaced.

The 27-year-old model has argued a strong case for her career, which she said is well paying.

“In Kenya, there is a general perception about modeling where it’s pictured as a socialite world. That is a wrong representation. There are dedicated and professional Kenyan models pursuing legitimate careers. I’m proof to that, super model (Ajuma) Nasenya is another and there are many others,” Duba said.

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Having started off in Kenya, Duba moved to Dubai in search of greener pastures where she says many opportunities have come her way. She says in Kenya, the industry isn’t treated with the seriousness it deserves.

“The modeling industry in Kenya is not on the same scale or level of development as in Dubai which is famous for its thriving fashion and modeling scene, with international fashion events, luxury brands, and a large pool of professional models,” Duba said.

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“While Kenya has produced notable models and has its own fashion events, it is not comparable to the magnitude and international recognition of the modeling industry in Dubai,” she explained further.

However, the high flying model was quick to state that Kenya’s modeling industry is developing and has room for growth.

Duba’s first big paycheck when she relocating to UAE, was about  $5,000 (Sh726,000).

“It was from a deal with an airline with overtime I have earned much more, having cemented my spot in UAE’s modelling industry,” she said.

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