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Infinix announce World’s first Future Light-Painting Leather Technology

Mobile manufacture Infinix has announced its release of the world’s first Future Light-Painting Leather.

The technology works when UV light interacts with the smartphone’s back cover, adding innovative and flexible color options to Infinix users’ smartphones to express their style and mood.

This world’s first innovation marks a huge step forward in technological breakthroughs for the company and sets a new standard for leatherback covers on smartphones.

“Infinix seeks to improve the aesthetic experience of the modern-day smartphone through the use of innovative materials and fresh new colors. With Future Light-Painting Leather technology, users can experience satisfying color-changing as well as custom patterns created by shading light on the back cover of their smartphone. It introduces a unique way for our customers to interact with their smartphones and to express themselves,” said Manfred Hong, Senior Product Director of Infinix.

Future Light-Painting Leather technology is a reversible color change technology that occurs when exposed to UV light.

According to the company, they integrated photochromic polymers into the leather, where the molecular structure changes in the presence of UV light which causes the color changes. When users take their device back indoors the leather reverts back to the original color.

This is a passive color-changing technology that does not require additional energy from the smartphone to produce color changes. It breaks the limitations of traditional leather with a single color and will bring a new look to smartphones with two or multiple color switches.

The Future Light-Painting Leather is not only about the aesthetics, but also about the expression of the user’s personality. With this creative new feature, users are able to use light to paint their smartphone and create different patterns on the back cover giving users endless possibilities to customize their device.

The Future Light-Painting leather technology is a result of the company’s deep understanding of their target consumers’ lifestyle, needs and preferences.

The development process lasted six months and the engineers tested the leather hundreds of times to achieve the desired effect.

Infinix overcame the common issue of leather yellowing by adjusting the leather structure, ensuring the leather’s color remained vibrant after extended use.

Additionally, the back cover maintains a thin profile in a complex structure, providing a comfortable grip for the user along with strong protection against knocks and drops.

The Future Light-Painting Leather back cover will be available with future Infinix devices, which will be announced accordingly with future media releases from the company.