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Is Bishop Wanjiru thinking of going back to ODM?

An aspirant for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, has said that she has no plans of going back to ODM or working with Cord in the event that she loses in the Jubilee nominations.

Bishop Wanjiru was speaking on Monday at the Regional Recognition Awards where she was honoured for her contribution in the logistics and shipping sector.

“I would not entertain the thought of going back to ODM or Cord, even after working with them before. My principles do not allow that,” she said.

Bishop Wanjiru also scoffed at those opposed to Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa’s bid for the Nairobi governor’s seat, telling them that City residents are tired of non-performers and want transparent, accountable and honest leadership.


“Citizens are tired of non-performers. We want leaders with an open door policy, leaders who can be reached when needed and with a track record and have proven themselves,” said Ms Wanjiru.

She said that Nairobi County needs a mother as its leader and women have realised this and are tired of continually being marginalised from top leadership positions.

“Women want their own and this is the time. Nairobi needs a mother. Even men have realised this and want women to be leaders and are ready to support them,” she said.

Bishop Wanjiru also hit out at those who using tribal cards in their quest for the capital city’s gubernatorial position reminding them that Nairobi is a cosmopolitan county and tribal politics should not be used in determining who should be governor.


“Nairobi is a melting pot [for] all tribes. There are many tribes in the county and politics of tribes should therefore not form the basis of who is supposed to be elected as the governor,” she said.

Bishop Wanjiru added that her newfound working relationship with CS Wamalwa was a demonstration of unity and partnership that transcends tribal inclinations.

She added that they were yet to decide on who would be the flag bearer and the running mate.

“My brother Eugene Wamalwa and I are working as one. We have not decided who will be the flag bearer for [Jubilee], but after the nomination the one who will lose will be the running mate [of] the winner. This is a demonstration of our unity,” said Wanjiru.